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How It Works !

To ensure that the Owl is kept a surprise we always arrive at least an hour before the ceremony in which time this also gives us the opportunity to meet with your nominated person be that the best man or the groom in order we can spend 5/10 minutes going through the ropes to make sure they are confident in receiving the Owl.

Unless you have a guest that may need for warning as wary of birds, we would recommend that the appearance of the Barn Owl be kept a complete surprise.

The moment the door is opened and the owl enters will be met with gasps and provide a enchanting feature to what is already a soulful moment in time. The Owl will then gracefully and silently fly from the handler to deliver the wedding rings, the rings are then removed and the Owl returns to the handler who we exit the room to allow the guest to concentrate on the continuation of the ceremony.

We will then wait outside and be available for 1 hour so that your guests can meet / photograph the Owl.